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good design is often a play on opposites. finding balance between seemingly contradictory forces is paramount: practical but charming, harmonious yet contrasting, timeless but compelling. my personal and professional experiences revolve around these dynamics.   

i grew up in both urban and suburban washington, dc and spent summers in rural nebraska. urban life highlighting efficiency, density, social space, and public amenities, and suburban life exposing the faults of decentralized development but providing exposure to openness. rural life reveals a grounding connection to the earth and a re-focusing on essentials.  

a new york based designer, my experience spans architecture, interiors, furniture/lighting design, landscape, and photography.  I hold a masters degree in architecture from yale university and have worked in top design firms over the last 17 years.  I strive for balance between pragmatic, inventive, warm, simple, and comfortable regardless of budget.  my approach is supported by ecological and technological innovations and socially conscious material sourcing.

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education and experience

condo 1 (1).tif

selected work from 17 years of professional design and construction experience 


personal apartment renovations

india shadows

selected photography

render_final_on bridge view.jpg

selected work from yale and umd

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